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Power Steering Repair

Auto Repair Shop Poway, CA: Poway Auto Repair Most cars these days come equipped with power steering, a nice touch! If it weren’t for power steering, only professional athletes and body builders would be able to drive a car. Power steering is usually a hydraulic or electric system that augments the steering wheel – basically it’s a system that makes less force required to turn the steering wheel. Most of us take power steering for granted – probably because we’ve never had to drive a car without it! Try it sometime, if you ever get the chance! Within the power steering system, there are many hoses, valves and power steering fluid. A fluid leak is one of the most common problems seen in power steering, but a hose that needs replacing isn’t uncommon either. Fluid leaks can cause a gradual loss of control and ease of steering in the wheel. Fortunately, these leaks are minor problems and are less expensive to fix than a problem with the whole system. Another common replacement is the pump within the power steering system. The fluid pump is an important part of the system, because it helps maintain optimum fluid levels within the steering at all times. Pump malfunctions can lead to fluid leaks and further problems within the steering system. System failures are rare, but if the power steering system needs to be overhauled, you could be looking at a $500-$600+ repair cost. Your car’s owner’s manual might include specifications on when to tune up your power steering system or when to replace certain parts of it. It’s best to follow these guidelines whenever possible, to avoid more expensive repairs because of part failure farther down the line. Poway Auto Repair is a Star Certified Smog Station.