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Best Auto Repair Services in Poway, CA - Spark Plug Repairs & Replacement

If you've ever had problems starting your vehicle, then it could be because you need to replace your spark plug. In the engine for all vehicles whether car, truck, van or fleets, the spark plug is instrumental in the process of getting the engine going - which is a lot more complicated and intricate than just lighting a few sparks. The good news is, replacing a spark plug is fairly easy and doesn't require as much tools and labor as replacing some other parts. When you start your ignition, not only is a spark plug getting put to use, but also other parts of your vehicle, like the alternator and starter. Still, if your spark plugs are failing and needs to be replaced, the engine still won't be able to start without them, even if the other parts are working fine. This is when you need Poway Auto Repair to help you in your woes. Like almost all cars on the market today, the user's manual will usually tell you when and at what mileage it’s recommended to change your spark plugs. Depending on the year, make and model, this could range anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 miles. This is a big range, so just make sure and double check the owner's manual to be certain on when the spark plugs need to be replaced. If your spark plugs fail before you have the chance to replace them, they won't do lasting damage to your engine like other parts are capable of doing. Still, it's a big inconvenience to not be able to start your car when you're on your way somewhere and have places to go - especially when it's a simple, quick repair that won’t break the bank. Let Poway Auto Repair handle your entire auto repair needs, whether it’s a car, truck, van or fleet. We offer a variety of auto shop promotions & discounts!